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A Legendary Upholstery Service Provider- Furniture Upholstery Are you a resident of Glendale, California in need of a good quality upholstery service provider? You do not need to worry anymore. Furniture Upholstery which is one of the most popular is available at Glendale. We specialized in commercial and residential furniture upholstery services. We have the ability to any kind of project from easy one to critical one. We offer services like • Hotel lobby upholstery • Dentist chairs and benches • Theatre seats • Residential furniture reupholster • Custom sofas • Sofa slipcovers • Dining room chairs • Ottoman • Benches • Restaurants • Commercial furniture re-upholstery • Restaurant booths • Acoustical walls • Waiting room chairs • Doctor exam benches • Gym upholstery benches • Swimming pool cushions • Wall upholstery • Patio cushions • Breakfast knooks • Sectionals lobbies • Showrooms • Offices • Retail stores

We have the flexibility to your requirements. When we start a project we try to follow your all needs top to bottom. After our service you will notice a completely new furniture. Our goal is to create a business persons workplace dream into reality. In the end you get attracting and appealing furniture to you as well as your customer base, so everyone can live and work in a beautiful workspace.

We can also build any kind of custom residential furniture, custom slipcovers, traditional wall upholstery, dinning room chairs, headboards, custom cushions, decorative pillows and many more upholstery services. We have been offering upholstery services in the area of Glendale since 1970 providing affordable an quality upholstery services. We do custom furniture, custom sofas, slipcovers and more for commercial and residential customers. Best Glendale upholstery repair local shop in the area near your home.

Glendale Upholstery Services

Glendale Upholstery Repair Furniture
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Upholstery Glendale or Glendale upholstery repair is making things easier for resident of Glendale. We come to your house or business and give you free estimate. Glendale upholstery will make your favorite sofa look like never before. WM Glendale upholstery is introducing a new line of fabric and vinyl hospitality fabrics.

Customers from Glendale don’t have to travel any more to get your favorite sofa or chair re-upholstered, we will go to your place and no cost for you. We have the ability to build any kind of custom design furniture for you. Some of our popular services are • Custom residential furniture • Custom Sofa Upholstery • Custom Cushions • Decorative pillows • Traditional wall upholstery • Sectional Sofa Upholstery • Corner booth Upholstery • Commercial Upholstery • Residential Upholstery • Fabric Upholstery Supply • Chair Upholstery And many more custom upholstery services.We have been offering upholstery services in the area of Glendale since 1970 providing affordable a quality upholstery services.Our goal is to create a business persons workplace dream into reality. We provide furniture attracting and appealing to you as well as your customer base, so everyone can live and work in a beautiful place- Glendale upholstery shop.

Our goal is to create a business persons workplace dream into reality. The end result: attracting and appealing to you as well as your customer base, so everyone can live and work in a beautiful place at Glendale upholstery shop.

At Upholstery Glendale, we provide professional upholstery services for commercial architects and businesses which include restaurants, commercial furniture re-upholstery, restaurant booths, acoustical walls, waiting room chairs, doctor exam benches, gym upholstery benches, swimming pool cushions, hotel lobby upholstery, dentist chairs and benches, theatre seats, residential furniture reupholster, custom sofas, sofa slipcovers, dining room chairs, ottoman, benches, wall upholstery, patio cushions, breakfast knooks, sectionals lobbies, Showrooms, offices, retail stores, and much more. For immediate projects please call (818)-783-0369 for upholstery Glendale in California or contact us by email.

Glendale Upholstery Fabrics Selections

Glendale Upholstery Fabrics

  • Custom Glendale upholstery fabrics.
  • Selection Glendale upholstery Fabrics
  • Catalog available for any fabric type.
  • Showroom
  • Custom fabrics selections for residential or commercial


Glendale Upholstery Repair Services:

Restaurant Booths Glendale

Restaurant Booths Glendale CaliforniaRestaurant Booth Glendale, in order to appeal to as many customers as possible, a restaurant needs to do more than offer delicious menu items. If customers can't get comfortable, they are less likely to return or to recommend the restaurant to friends and family.Restaurant Booths Glendale offers a comprehensive selection of high-quality restaurant seating options that make it easy to keep everyone happy.


Commercial Upholstery Glendale

Commercial Upholstery Glendale CaliforniaAt Commercial upholstery Glendale, we have the pleasure of working with some of the top architectural and commercial companies in the design industry. From Theater designers and set designers to Restaurants, Hotel Rooms and Lobbies. We do it all and love to do it in commercial upholstery Hollywood hills category - Services range from: re-upholstery, decorative pillows, banquette cushions, fabric banners, theatrical drapery, and custom furniture for the lobby. We also provide sofas,booth,chairs and patio cushions. Commercial upholstery Glendale is a professional service provided by Furniture Upholstery.

Residential Upholstery Glendale

Residential Upholstery Glendale CaliforniaResidential upholstery Glendale quality furniture is made to last but sometimes fabric isn’t.
Re-upholstery will make your sofa, chairs, ottoman, etc. Feel and look like brand new. Upholstery involves the process of stripping down all the old fabric and applying new fabric of your choice. Re-upholstery also involves the process of giving your furniture a re-birth, by replacing any broken springs, changing the foam and replacing any of the furniture insides that is keeping your furniture from staying fresh. Residential upholstery Glendale is a professional service provided by Furniture Upholstery.

Chairs Upholstery Glendale

Chairs Upholstery Glendale Chair Upholstery Glendale, we make custom upholstered chairs range from stylish dining chairs, parson chairs and wood accent chairs to classic club chairs,oversize chair and traditional wing chairs. Or consider a custom upholstered chaise to create a place for reading and relaxation. You choose from more than 7,000 fabrics to reflect your personality. Add trimmings or a contrast welt or nails head to make it unique. Chair Upholstery Glendale is a professional service provided by Furniture Upholstery.


Outdoor Upholstery Glendale

Outdoor Upholstery GlendaleOutdoor Glendale Upholstery specializes in repair and replacing outdoor furniture upholstery in Glendale, CA for more than 20 years. Even with proper care, your outdoor fabric may become worn out by the sun or destroyed by animals. Instead of replacing the entire set, call us to give your furniture an attractive new face. Using stain and moisture-repellent materials, reinvent your outdoor furniture according to your creative inspiration, not the box store’s one-look-fits-all. Outdoor Glendale upholstery is a professional services provide by Furniture Upholstery.


Sofas Upholstery Glendale & Headboards Upholstery Glendale

Sofa & Headboards Upholstery GlendaleSofas and Headboards upholstery Glendale is a great service for sofas and headboards. Good sofas and headboards can last for generations, but only if it was well constructed to begin with eight-way hand-tied furniture steel coil springs are set within the furniture frame and tied together in eight directions. Each piece of furniture has a unique spring pattern and height to provide just the right degree of comfort. it’s superior to other seating systems. Custom sofas and headboards upholstered at your custom design in Glendale, CA.


Wall Upholstery Glendale

Wall Upholstery GlendaleWall Upholstery Glendale. Custom ceiling treatments, comprehensive consultation and installation. Flexible work schedule minimizes workspace disruption. Cost effective pricing and custom upholstered wall and ceiling treatments are now available in noise reducing & acoustic styles. We have a large selection of fabric and colors to choose from in panels up to 66" wide in stock. Fabrics selection for wall upholstery Glendale available in our Showroom.


Slipcovers Glendale

Slipcovers GlendaleSlipcovers Glendale with years of experience in custom slipcover design, WM Slipcover Glendale has created a Lounge Slipcover Studio's style and workmanship that has been perfected to create a custom quality slipcover for you. In our showroom and workshop located in Glendale you'll find yards and yards of suitable fabrics handpicked especially for slipcovers. Denim, canvas, linen and chenille in solids stripes, florals and a few other surprises. Slipcovers Glendale is a professional service provided by Furniture Upholstery.

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